Wine Tumbler -Carolina Conceal Wine Tumbler

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Wine Tumbler - Carolina Conceal Wine Tumbler  

You can check the Verity of Wine Tumbler. The  Carolina Conceal Wine Tumbler is tough enough for whiskey but gentle enough for wine. Constructed with a highly-engineered double-wall vacuum insulation, this handy wine tumbler won't shatter if you drop it since it's made of 304 stainless steel. If that isn't enough, this must-have wine tumbler features a sleek powder coated exterior -- ensuring your tumbler will never rust or leave a bad metal taste in your mouth.

Perfect by the pool, at a picnic, cooking out, camping, or at the beach, it doesn't matter if you can drink fast or slow, your beverage will remain hot or cold for hours.

Don't get caught without your go-to wine tumbler.


- No sweat exterior.

- Not hot to the touch.

- Comes with BPA-free splash-proof lid.

- No-slip grip.

- Built like a champ.

- 10 oz wine glass 

- Stemless Wine Glass

- Wine Tumbler


Cleaning instructions:

Though incredibly durable, these tumblers have a powder-coated surface and logo. We advise only hand-washing and not using any abrasive scrubbers. Also, do not expose it to any solvents (used in paint thinners & other cleaners).